Islamic Society of Stillwater

Islamic Society of Stillwater, known as ISS, has been around for decades. Muslims purchases two small homes years ago and used them to perform prayers and other Islamic activities. Recently the Stillwater masjid was rebuilt into a beautiful new building. This facility is the only one around for miles and is the place of worship for hundreds of Stillwater residents.

Humble Beginnings

Decades ago, when the first Muslims arrived in Stillwater, they established the Islamic Society of Stillwater. They also purchased an existing single-family house in close proximity to the university and used it as a masjid to perform prayers and to hold social and cultural activities.

ISS has been housed in two old, residential-style buildings bought decades ago. Since then, the masjid has experienced growth after the recent construction of a new masjid and an Islamic Center. The new Islamic center is not only vital to Muslims in the area but also contributes to cultural diversity.

The pictures below show the old buildings that were replaced with new modern facilities.
Old stillwater masjid building (1)
Old stillwater masjid building (2)
Old stillwater masjid building (4)
Old stillwater masjid building (5)

Recognition of Services

The Islamic Society of Stillwater has been recognized more than once for its services to the local community by the City of Stillwater. The certificate highlights the efforts of ISS to promote understanding and friendly relations between Muslims and non-Muslims by sponsoring visits with churches, schools, the general public and through participation in interfaith activities.

  • Islamic Day Certificate in 2000
  • Islamic Awareness Day Certificate in 2017

Our Goals

The aims and purposes of the Islamic Society of Stillwater are to:


Serve the best interests of Islam and Muslims in the greater Stillwater area so as to enable them to practice Islam as a complete way of life.


Help Muslims of the Greater Stillwater area carry out Islamic programs and projects within the guidelines of the Quran and the sunnah of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).


Promote an understanding and dialogue with the other communities of the greater Stillwater area.

About Stillwater

Stillwater is about an hour’s drive from Oklahoma City, which is the capital city of Oklahoma. It is also an hour’s drive from Oklahoma’s second largest city, Tulsa. Stillwater has a population of about 55,000. Oklahoma State University (OSU) has its main campus in Stillwater and its students account for about 50% of the local Stillwater population.

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